Money, money, money

Bruce Wallace

When the library is new, and needs a fixin,
What else can Quinnipiac do,
but raise tuition.

When food costs a lot,
and no way to stop it,
When meal plans are empty, they’ll take money out your pocket.

When you try and save money,
to buy used books,
It’s all fine until you open it,
and don’t like the looks.

When the pages are ripped,
and doodles of “I love Brice,”
Makes you think, “I could’ve got
this on Amazon for half the price.
When tuition goes up,
and their money has stashes,
Why not waste money on a dorm,
miles away from classes.

When they build another parking lot,
but it too, is miles away,
They don’t worry, cause the shuttle
makes us late for classes day after day.

When the school store charges
$20 a shirt,
Makes a student wonder,
how much is this really worth?

So when tuition gets you down,
do not frown.
Because Quinnipiac will
have your back,
Stealing your wallets
and counting their stacks.