Students say cafeteria prices went up in 2002

Valerie Pensa- Staff Writer

Imagine if you go to buy lunch and there is a line of people behind you and you realize you do not have any cash.
A student goes to use his or her Q-card, but they are completely out of meal points. This is the feeling that many Quinnipiac University students had last semester.
Many returning students thought the reason why their meal points ran out was due to a raise in prices.
“I had to use cash to buy food the last two weeks of the fall semester because I did not have any money left on my Q-card,” said Kiera. “The prices must have changed.”
However, the cafeteria prices have remained the same.
Thomas Hyde, president of the sophomore class said that the issue was raised at a StudentGovernment Association meeting during the fall semester.
SGA investigated the situation. They spoke with Chartwells and were told that the prices have not changed.
Where does student’s money go? Joseph Tobin, Chartwells staff member, said students could budget their cafeteria points better.
“Students will come in and complain about a decrease in meal points,” said Tobin. “We’d pull up their transaction history and they would be buying lobster and steak everyday,” he said. “They just need to budget their money.”