Washington D.C. internships offer students a chance to study at another university

Kellie Gleeson

Quinnipiac offers many opportunities for students to study abroad. Many students go to Italy, France, England and Ireland. But not many students know about the possibility to study in our own nation’s capital.
Professor Scott McLean, associative professor of political science, runs a program that sends students to Washington D.C. to study. McLean has run the program for the last four years, while the University has been doing it for ten. He is responsible for setting up the internships for the students as well as keeping in touch with them when they are in D.C.
“Quinnipiac, for many years, has had an affiliation with Washington D.C. It is opened to any student who is interested,” said McLean.
The students who participate in this program can either go over breaks, during the semester, or during the summer. Students first have to apply, and if they are picked to go, they pay their tuition to Quinnipiac.
They then go to Washington D.C. study there. When they come back to Quinnipiac, all their credits will be transferred to the school.
When going on the Washington D.C. study program, students can pick from a variety of schools and programs to try to get into. The programs most people go on are the Washington Center, American University, The National Student Leadership Emporiums and a news medium class. There is also a program where a student gets to work at the embassy, although no one has participated in this program as of yet.
The Washington Center is not a school.
“It is a center for experimental learning,” said McLean.
In this program, students live in their own apartment. They go to their internships on a daily basis. Once a week, they will attend classes.
The American University acts like a regular college setting. The student will live in a dorm and attend classes during the day. A few times a week, the student will go to the Internship.
When a student is entered into the Washington Center and American University program, they will have many internship opportunities. They can work in domestic and foreign policies, trade, and many other areas. Some internships that people have gone on are listed below.
One student worked on Global Land mind treaty. This student tried to get a congressional report.
Other students worked in the White House. One student helped Hillary Clinton schedule a trip to China, and another helped Al Gore work on Social Security Reform.
A business major worked in the Smithsonian Institute and with the Commerce department, while a mass communications major worked with the media in Washington.
Other students have worked in different countries capitals, while another stayed in the states and worked with the Republican Convention for the entire summer.
The National Student Leadership Emporium takes place during the last week of spring break. Students that are chosen to participate in this are then sent to Washington D.C. They attend conferences where they hear from leaders. At this conference, they can ask about current issues that are going on in the world.
There is also a news media class which also goes to Washington D.C. This class consists of 15 students. They are also chosen due to their GPA and rank.
For more information on these Washington internships, contact Professor McLean at x8686.