SGA aims to extend RTSC hours

Lauren Epifanio

For those York Hill residents who are frustrated with the limited hours of the Rocky Top Student Center, now is the time for students to voice their concerns.

Heidi Hitchen, a junior class representative for Student Government Association, would like for Rocky Top to be open 24/7, but realizes that asking for the student center to have those hours is not feasible. Hitchen said she hopes SGA can get the opening times extended a few hours past midnight.

“There are pros and cons to that happening,” junior Alyssa Greenstein said. “Students would be provided with a place to study without having the hassle of driving to campus to utilize the library, but at the same time, I feel like keeping Rocky Top open 24 hours a day could be detrimental in the sense that there is a potential that students could cause damage.”

On Monday, the junior class cabinet created a survey for juniors and seniors to determine how often they would use the student center after hours.

“We are currently working on a proposal to bring to administration, but we would first like as many people as possible to take the survey that we have created to demonstrate that there is a want and a need for this initiative to go through to administration,” Hitchen said.

Hitchen posted the survey on her Facebook with the message, “All juniors and seniors at Quinnipiac need to take this so that the rocky top student center can stay open later!”

The proposal addresses the issues of occupied study rooms in dorm buildings, limited printing services and shuttle service hours, leaving students to face the decision of studying in their rooms or traveling to the library on the Mount Carmel campus.

“Rocky Top is a great place to meet to work on group projects, but since it isn’t open late, that limits the availability to do so, and with the study rooms being so crowded, there is nowhere else for students to go,” senior Scott Topel said.