Campus-wide sing-a-long underway

Christine Burroni

All hands are on deck to produce Quinnipiac’s “lip dub” video, an innovative way to show off QU’s beauty and diversity.

“I’m really excited, we have a really beautiful campus and it will be cool to showcase that,” said Ben Goodheart, a junior FVI major and member of the lip dub committee.

According to, a lip dub is a music video that features “lip-syncing and audio-dubbing,” that can be made with a single person or a group.

“Essentially it’s like one continuous shot of the majority of our student body to a song,” Goodheart said.

Peter Gallay, Quinnipiac’s academic technology multimedia producer, initiated the idea in December and generated interest through emails to faculty and students. Having seen other lip dub videos from colleges across the country, he wanted to bring this musical promotion to Quinnipiac.

“I thought that I could do something with my skills here and do something that can bring the community together,” Gallay said.

Although the song that has been selected to lip-sync to is being kept secret for now, it will be revealed on March 26, with teaser hints released along the way.

The video will begin on Bobcat Way and will lead up to the Quad, starring as many student organizations as possible including SGA, Greek Life, dance groups, multicultural groups and faculty and staff. The main idea of the video is to showcase a four-year experience at Quinnipiac with one song, starting from freshman orientation to graduation and all that occurs in between.

“I think the big thing about this is that the whole purpose of this is to bring the whole community together, not just students but faculty and staff,” Gallay said.

The committee producing the video meets once a week and consists of faculty members and students of many organizations, including SGA and student media. At the meetings they discuss ways to promote this new venture and ways to get students involved.

“It’s a fantastic way for the campus to come together in celebration and have some fun,” said Bruce White, a computer information systems professor and the committee’s faculty representative. It is his responsibility to get faculty and staff involved in the music video.

“Our job is to reach out to different student organizations and get everyone excited,” said Kaite Lovett, an SGA member and senior public relations and elementary education double major. Lovett and other students in the committee act as liaisons between the committee and the student body. Their job is to run the information sessions. Lovett plans for hundreds of people to be involved.

“I’m, like, super pumped,” Lovett said. “I hope that in the end people are going to be happy to say that they went here, worked here or are going here.”

Filming will take place on Friday, May 4 at noon.

“That way it will come out during or right after finals, and it will keep school spirit up throughout the summer,” Goodheart said.

Information sessions begin this Friday and will take place on both Mount Carmel and York Hill. Faculty and staff are encouraged to reach out to Bruce White for more information on how to become involved.

The committee is working hard week by week to make this video successful and become viral via Quinnipiac’s YouTube channel once it’s released in May.

“It’s just really trying to be able to showcase what Quinnipiac is and what our community really offers, I think that’s what the emphasis is really on,” Gallay said.