Top 5 procrastination websites

Reddit: A social news media website, Reddit offers its users anything and everything they desire. The self-proclaimed “front page of the Internet,” Reddit contains content posted by registered users, or “Redditors” that can be voted up or down by the community to determine its placement on the ever evolving pages of links. Users can peruse the general homepage or jump to the more specific categories of “subreddits.” Frequent Redditor, junior Corey Lynch said, “Reddit is the perfect place to post links and share things that people will find funny or interesting.” Whether it’s 10 minutes before class or a whole wasted afternoon, Reddit never fails to spark your interest and keep you well off of your original task. – J. Stull

 Food Porn Daily: Though not as well-known as other time-wasting websites, Food Porn Daily deserves a spot in this procrastination suggestion box. Simple, high-quality and addictive, Food Porn lives up to its name. Just click through the pictures of gourmet and delicious-looking meals and desserts and allow yourself to sink into an imaginary food coma. It makes you want to learn to cook — for a quick second — and then it just makes you hungry. – M. Snow

StumbleUpon: Do you stumble? For those who have a desire for distraction, this website is a perfect fit. “You check off things you’re interested in and click ‘Stumble,’ and it brings you websites they think you will enjoy based off of your selections,” freshman Allie Penta said. “I’ve found some really good recipes from it. It’s really cool.” This website will lead viewers to other pages, GIFs and images they may be interested in. StumbleUpon pages may also be shared on Facebook and Twitter, which are great ways to amplify one’s procrastination level. – S. Kozlowski

Tumblr: For many Quinnipiac students, Tumblr has proven to be an excellent time waster. “I probably have a minor addiction to Tumblr. No big deal,” freshman Aaron King said. Tumblr’s sole purpose is to entertain and help procrastinate. “That’s exactly what I use Tumblr for — to help me procrastinate. I always go on when I want to avoid doing homework or to avoid doing pretty much anything productive,” King said. Tumblr is a giant blogging community that allows visitors to find pictures and quotes they like by sifting through other blogs and maintaining their own. – S. Kozlowski

 Pinterest: Pinterest is an image-based website which allows users to “pin” or “repin” themed images on their personal pinboard. Pinterest caters to the interests of every user, as pinboard themes range from recipes to weddings, interior decorating, cute animals, vacation spots, fashion and anything else pinners want.

“You can create any kind of board that interests you,” senior Anissa Holness said. “For instance I made a board of Justin Bieber because, well I’m just obsessed with the kid, but anyone can make any kind of board they like. I like to think of it as a visual pinboard of my life.” -N. Fano