WRECK of the week: TLC Exploits the Weirdos

Nicole Fano

TLC is known as the learning channel for a reason. After watching the original series “My Strange Addiction,” I have learned just how bizarre some of my fellow Americans are.

The Feb. 12 season three premiere certainly lived up to its strange expectations. From snorting baby powder to dating a car, sipping on nail polish, eating tape and cleaning out your ears with a pair of scissors, TLC has somehow located America’s finest.

Serious psychological addictions are nothing to joke about, but when someone agrees to broadcast his “secret” addiction to the entire nation, judgment becomes fair game.

Poor Nathaniel will forever remain in my mind as the man who had sex with his Chevy Monte Carlo.

“My Strange Addiction” successfully evokes an array of emotions from viewers, none of which are positive. From speechlessness and disbelief to disgust and annoyance, the stars of this show have quite the talent for eliciting responses from viewers.

For all you nail biters, procrastinators, thumb suckers and scab pickers, these hardcore “addicts” are sure to make you feel better about yourselves.

It is too bad Sigmund Freud isn’t still alive — he would have had quite the field day psychoanalyzing these nut jobs.