QU’s Fashion Corner: Here’s to you, boys

Sarah Rosenberg

Here’s the truth: I could go on all day about the history of Coco Chanel and the “little black dress.” I could tell you why leather boots should be in every girl’s closet. I could certainly tell you why no one wears jean skirts over leggings any more. What I can’t tell you, at least with confidence, is what I think is in style for all of the boys on campus. After hearing complaints from male friends about my lack of fashion advice for them, I can attempt to delve into the realm of cargo pants and button-downs. At the very least, I can just convey what I think looks good on the opposite sex.

One thing I can tell you about men’s fashion this year: it’s all about looking sharp. Both European and American fashion, from Thom Browne to Louis Vuitton, have emphasized sleek, tailored looks on the runway. One-buttoned sports jackets and V-neck T-shirts or button-downs paired with fitted jeans or tailored cargo pants handle a balance between casual and classy. The look is also extremely urban vogue: picture television star Ed Westwick roaming the streets of New York in such an outfit with his actress girlfriend on his arm.

I won’t forget to mention faux leather jackets called the “wax jacket,” featured in GQ magazine. More wearable than a jacket Danny Zuko and the T-Birds might sport, it’s longer than the traditional leather kind and more casual. It certainly represents a more contemporary James Dean style, and – boys take note – ladies will always be attracted to the rebel without a cause.

Naturally, I don’t expect anyone to walk to class in a leather or tailored sports jacket, but I am also not discouraging anyone from keeping one in their wardrobe. There’s no reason any man can’t look put together and a jacket always helps. Similarly enough, I’ve seen a definite demise of classics such as sweaters. Why is it I hardly see any male student in a simple, black or gray sweater anymore? They are few and far between, but a classic V-neck sweater in any color paired with jeans is always going to be in style. Just today I saw a student wearing a black sweater and a fedora, not to mention a pea coat. If the traffic wasn’t so heavy in the hall, I might have shaken his hand for being so bold.

Perhaps my favorite trend these days for any guy, no matter their style, is the flannel shirt. It’s safe to say I’m almost obsessed with it and luckily, there are some Quinnipiac students who have caught onto the trend. Whether it’s plaid, checkered, or block colored, a flannel shirt makes a guy’s outfit look effortless. Clean-cut sweaters are always a plus, but the flannel shirt always provides an air of masculinity and ruggedness for those who wear it. Personally, I think it can make anyone comfortable yet stylish, without having to try too hard. Kurt Cobain looked effortless when he wore flannel shirts on stage-there’s no reason why guys can’t bring that look back.

Despite my rant about fancy jackets and flannel shirts (I’d understand if any guy came up to me refusing to wear a flannel shirt for fear of looking like Farmer Ted), no guy should abandon their everyday style. Plus, no guy should feel like he can’t ever roll out of bed and throw on whatever might be on his floor that morning. Despite what many girls say, disheveled is always appreciated. However, coming to class fashionably well-suited once in a while couldn’t hurt. Leave your T-shirts home and show your sweaters, button-downs, and classy jackets the light of day once in a while.