York Hill lacking sense of security

Christina Casinelli

We’ve all heard the complaints about York Hill’s tiny sinks, cramped common rooms and poor cell phone reception. The one thing no one has seemed to notice, touch on or even care about is the overwhelming lack of security. For both the Crescent dorm and the parking garage there is only one – repeat one – security guard. And where is this guard stationed? In his parked car by the shuttle stop making sure no one parks in the small front parking lot for more than 10 minutes.

There is no security guard present at the parking garage. Instead, there are automated gates which have, on many occasions, been left up in order for construction equipment to be brought to the top floor, as well as those infamous blue lights located by the elevators and stairwells. Also, has the thought occurred to anyone that while these gates may, allegedly, keep unauthorized cars out, there is nothing keeping unauthorized people out of the garage? Every other Quinnipiac parking area is manned with some form of security personnel.

Why isn’t York Hill?

Like all other Quinnipiac dorms, Q-Card access is required to enter. However, who hasn’t been that kind samaritan and held the door open for a complete and total stranger that happens to be heading in the same direction? Now I’m not saying that all York Hill residents should be paranoid, slamming doors in the faces of those they don’t recognize, but think about it for a minute.

I know I’ve personally made comments in passing, usually drenched in sarcasm, about how easy it would be for a person, whether student or outside individual, to wreak havoc either within the dorm or the parking garage. If the security guard were to fall asleep or not, any individual can make their way into the building and, well. use your imaginations. The argument could be made that, if additional security were to be necessary the main security office is located less than five minutes away on the Mount Carmel campus; however, by the time they’d be alerted and make their way up the hill and over those beloved speed bumps, who knows what kind of damage could be done.

I’m not necessarily saying I’m expecting a security guard to take a bullet for me, or that the York Hill campus is any less safe than the Mount Carmel campus. It is the sense of security that goes a long way in assuring the safety, comfort and contentment of the York Hill residents. If the Mount Carmel campus can receive this reassurance, I don’t see why it should be different for the York Hill residents.