Greek life expands on campus

“This is absolutely the type of campus where we want to be; students are so passionate about their academics and about their campus and their community,” Jackie Mills, Alpha Delta Pi’s Leadership Consultant, said. “It was an ideal situation for Alpha Delta Pi and a great place for us to be this year.”

Mills was bubbling with excitement as she described Alpha Delta Pi’s enthusiasm for joining the Quinnipiac community.

“Our alma mater is, ‘We live for each other,’ and that is something that we believe is a way of life,” Mills said. “It’s not just letters across our chest, we truly do live for each other in everything we say and everything we do.”

Alpha Delta Pi is one of the three new Greek organizations that have joined the other five existing fraternities and sororities on campus. ADPi, as they have become known, has already acquired 85 founding sisters and is looking forward to formal recruitment in January.

“Our first goal is to help strengthen the Greek community here,” Mills said. “The other sororities and fraternities have been so supportive and helpful with what we’ve been doing, so obviously we want to go support their events. We’re going to do a lot of co-programming for different activities and events with other organizations and clubs on campus. We’re going to be showing a lot of support for the campus as well as the community.”

Bringing together the campus community is a common theme among the new Greek organizations.

“We’re looking for guys who are.really involved on campus, but we want to be inclusive and bring together the campus community,” Delta Tau Delta Leadership Consultant Mike Slaughter, said. “We’re looking for guys from all different parts of campus life.”

Delta Tau Delta already has 47 recruits in their first week, “which is pretty unheard of for any expansion of any fraternity,” Slaughter said. “It’s unprecedented.”

Slaughter stressed that Delta Tau Delta was looking for a diverse group of recruits.

“Many of the guys we have now, that really is their main focus – bringing many people into Greek life who typically wouldn’t be interested in that type of thing,” he said. “Greek life shouldn’t be for people who want to be in a ‘frat.’ It should be about developing guys into great men who are values based.”

Last semester, Sigma Gamma Rho came onto the Quinnipiac scene as the first historically black Greek letter organization on campus.

“Sigma Gamma Rho’s goal is to broaden the Greek world here at QU,” Sigma Gamma Rho Vice President Shanice Owens said. “We offer a different type and style of organization that many on this campus are not used to. We would love to teach the Quinnipiac community about our organization and hopefully get everyone involved in what we do.

“Unlike some of the other Greek organizations on campus.we have various national programs that we participate in order to serve the community through public service, leadership development, and education of the youth,” Owens said. “Although we are a historically black sorority, we are not exclusive to only African Americans.”

Although excited to start taking part in the community during this week’s Greek Week, the new fraternity and sororities are taking a back seat to show support for the other Greek organizations, helping where they are needed and getting a feel for the events.

“We won’t be participating directly this week, but next year we will be coming out in full force, so we’re going to do what we can next week to make it a success for those that are participating,” Mills said.