Kanye ‘Heartless’

Lindsay Roberts

“You could write a book on how to ruin someone’s perfect day.”

Taylor Swift should have sung that to Kanye West before he ran off the stage.

Kanye West’s stunt at the VMAs bothers me to a surprising extent. I mean, that’s what he wants, attention; and I’m mad at myself for giving it to him. Kanye intended that night to be remembered not by Jay-Z’s entrance or Pink’s trapeze tricks, but by him. I am not fanatical about Taylor Swift, but I just cannot seem to get over how he humiliated her on a night that was supposed to be a great achievement in her life. Kanye doesn’t care about Beyonce’s videos any more than “Bush cares about black people.” Kanye just needed everyone to know that he was in the building. I am surprised that he did not pull a Zoolander and accept an award he didn’t win.

I sit in class and rather than paying attention, I am busy still fuming over his behavior. When was the turning point in Kanye’s life where he decided he was the world’s prophet and his messages must be heard, no matter what? It was just such a degrading and “heartless” thing to do, and it benefited no one. And although Beyonce tried to clear the rubble, I still feel like Kanye accomplished making the night awkward and embarrassing. Kanye is a perfect example of why the rest of the world assumes we are pompous, and lack morals and respect for others.

I think the reason why the scenario is still stuck in my head is because I fear we created this celebrity monster. Granted, there are many famous people who somehow keep a level head despite worldwide recognition. However, there is still this mentality, especially in the music industry, that the best way to live is with mass consumption, blatant disrespect for others and a wealth of cockiness.

Take the new song by Jason DeRulo “Whatcha Say.” The song is basically about a guy who has been caught cheating. Here is my favorite line: “Cause when the roof cave in and the truth came out I just didn’t know what to do, But when I become a star we’ll be living so large, I’ll do anything for you.” I’m sure the shawty this was written for must have swooned over the romance. Hmm anything? How about don’t cheat on me. Oh wait, you’re going to be a star, I guess it is OK then.

Sure, it’s easy to think that this is well what a celebrity is, living large with an even larger ego. However, there are celebrities that exist in other countries who still live like normal people even after achieving phenomenal success. Their houses are modest and nowhere near cribs worthy. Their lyrics project self confidence and their aspirations of fame without listing their recent purchases.

Boycotting American culture is an impossible task and that’s not what I wish for. Despite what Kanye West did on national TV, that won’t stop people all over the world from listening to his music. I just think it’s a shame that someone with tremendous influence on the world would set such horrible examples time and time again. With power comes responsibility, and Kanye is an utter waste of what could be a great influence. What artists need to realize is that they are sending a message not only in the lyrics they preach, but in their behavior. Hopefully, audiences will learn to take arrogant subliminal messages and actions with a grain of salt, and remember that respect is something everyone deserves to own.