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    Part-time jobs: Balancing your budget and your college life

    The roommates want to get Applebee’s again for dinner tonight. You just called Mom and Dad to ask them for more money on your Q-Card – how did you get so low already? You are a college student who can’t run to your parents every time you need some spending money. The simple answer is to get a part-time job making some extra cash so you can feel accomplished and nag the parental units less. The tricky thing with finding a job in college is finding one that does not consume too much time. Academics need to come first, then any extra-curricular activities, then spending time with friends – it’s college, these are the times for creating lasting bonds. Finding a low-stress, enjoyable job is icing on the cake. Once you figure out your routine, you will be able to determine what times fit your schedule best to pick up some hours to make some extra spending cash. An ideal job would be one where you can do homework or one that ties into your major. Here are a few ideas if you do not know where to look:

    1.) At Quinnipiac, the most convenient and popular job is one that is on-campus. If you have work study, you should definitely take advantage of this opportunity. The University offers hundreds of jobs including working in admissions, working in the student center, working at the gym, being a referee for intramurals teams and working in the bookstore. All available jobs are listed at

    2.) If you have an “A” in some classes and feel that you can relate to students, the Learning Center pays for your tutoring skills. Meeting with a student once a week can benefit their skills as well as provide some extra cash for you.

    3.) A job in Hamden is ideal because the commute is short and the hours would only be part-time. Venues include Modell’s Sporting Goods, Gap, Old Navy and Dunkin Donuts.

    4.) For a female student, working in a salon is a great idea. You would only be a desk/check-in girl, so there would be ample time for you to bring your books to do your school work. There are many salons on Whitney Avenue as well as some local tanning salons in the area.

    5.) Babysitting is a great job for a college student. The pay is very good and the hours are usually sparing. A lot of local families are always looking for students to help watch their children for a few hours after school. The ads for these families are hung up in the student center. If not, accounts can be set up on You can create a profile that allows local families to find you.

    6.) Working in a restaurant or bar is a good job that pays extremely well, but apply with caution. These jobs are usually very grueling. They require you to be on your feet and work late and long hours. If you can handle the stress of both this and school, you will have a profitable gain.

    7.) If fitness is the name of your game, capitalize on it. Getting certified to become a personal trainer or class instructor does not take much effort. What is a better scenario than getting paid to work out? Go to a local gym for details.

    8.) Even if you are not a finance or accounting major, a bank teller is a good part-time job for a college student to have. They pay above minimum wage and the job is low stress and low labor.

    If you have the ability to be a student who can double as a worker, these are all great opportunities for jobs. There are advisers in all of the respected colleges at Quinnipiac to help you find the right one. Having a job will make Mom and Dad that much prouder of their hard working college student.

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