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    Finally, some fire at QU

    I have never seen so many pissed off Quinnipiac students. I love it.

    The changes that have been recently announced are detrimental and alter many of the perceptions students had of their future years at Quinnipiac. Yet the fact that we are not just letting it happen is a reminder that we do have a say and a power to act. Let’s recap some of the major changes that have exploded in the last few weeks:

    Housing: I think for virtually everyone on campus right now this word is dreaded. It does not help that lately, every freshman class at Quinnipiac is exponentially increasing like a hoard of rabbits. Oh but naturally, these new freshmen could never be crammed into Irma and Dana or into Study Rooms like my class, the class of 2012. That would be unethical. Thanks for making my grade the guinea pig experiment, but I could have told you that was not a good idea.

    But if anyone should be fuming it’s the class of 2011, and they are. It is true when they say that nobody cares about the sophomore class; why else would they be thrown off campus next year into Whitney Village and York Hill just to make room for the freshmen?

    But don’t worry. The juniors have a tiff with the school too. Just like this year’s freshmen got to be the experimental “crammed housing” grade, next year’s seniors are expected to try out this new commencement idea. Not if they can help it.

    As I walk on campus, instead of overhearing the tired “and then I saw on his wall.” conversation, I hear vocalized anger and frustration like “.but I want to graduate with you! I don’t even like the business majors!” Facebook is being utilized in the good fight, as groups form to protest the sports cuts and there are already more than 1,000 members in the group “Say ‘No Thanks’ to TD Banknorth. Let’s graduate on OUR campus!” Petitions are being signed and there seems to be a determination to stop the commencement plans before they start.

    Granted, the reasons for everyone being so heated lately are no doubt worthy of rage. I would begin to question our school’s mentality if we had survived the past two weeks without hearing an exasperated rant.

    However, a part of me expected students to react in temper tantrums and with belligerent crying and cursing their fate while drowning their sorrows at Hulas.

    I have been pleasantly surprised to see that students are actually expressing their opinions in a very mature fashion. In fact, in some ways, I feel the students are behaving with more dignity and respect than student Affairs has.

    Students are putting their foot down and saying, “Uh, no, that’s not cool with us and this is why.” Student Affairs has a sneaky little way of dropping bombs on us through e-mail and disguising grim news with fun fonts, big headers and the mark of the bobcat paw. Oh hey, don’t put your sneakers on for practice just yet. We are actually cutting the track team. Go ask your coach about it; we just told him five minutes before sending this e-mail! Maybe they thought being subtle would trick us, but we are not going down without a fight.

    I have often been one to think that Quinnipiac students are generally apathetic. These past weeks have proven me wrong. These announcements regarding the changes have highlighted what students find important. I say bravo to everyone who is determined to fight for something they believe is unfair.

    Vice President for Public Affairs Lynn Bushnell said students should pursue change if they are passionate about it. So keep speaking up, Bobcats. I really do believe that if you knock hard enough, you can get the doors you want to open.

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