All hail Quinnipiac!

Bruce Wallace

College life is great, but you better find a seat belt
Because sometimes it seems impossible,
whenever you need help.
There are things they didn’t tell us on purpose, during our school tour
Like why they lock every dormitory door,
And how they like to make us all poor.
Like why would we wear
sandals in the shower, right?
But after living in freshman dorms,
I now know why.
And always wear shoes,
whenever walking in the quad for fun
Because there’s goose droppings everywhere, and you might just land in some.
I no longer own a car, and I don’t own a jet
Because last year I sold my car,
just to get out of debt.
And now I’m at it again,
with a lot more student loans
But come on, a $25 service charge just
to have a phone?
But nothing in life is free, especially here
The only thing free is a trip around the sun
all but once a year.
But really all jokes aside Quinnipiac can’t be beat
The grass is a nice soft seat,
Because I pawned my shoes for this,
now I’m walking in bare feet.