Barstool Tour was perfect way to start break

Lindsey Ingram

Photo by Charlotte Greene/Chronicle

BarstoolU tweeted, “Quinnipiac You Ready?” Thursday afternoon. And students certainly were.

Thursday night was no ordinary night out in New Haven. Barstool Sports’ Blackout Tour hit Toad’s Place like a speeding bullet, drawing the attention of a crowd of college students that packed the room to the max. From Southern Connecticut State to Quinnipiac, students from all over Connecticut ventured out to see what Barstool had to offer.Doors opened at 8 p.m., and a sea of white dispersed over the dance floor, as neon colors and lights sparked throughout the scene. Blacklights covered the ceilings, and signs that read, “Viva la Stool” and “Quinnipiac Barstool” covered the walls.

The evening started off slow, but once DJ Dante The Don started pumping up the music and playing his mixes, it seemed as if everyone all at once entered Toad’s at the same time. Everywhere you turned, somebody was there. The amount of people was overwhelming, but everyone was moving, jumping and of course, fist-pumping.

For those who got close enough to the stage, Barstool had staff members walking around taking pictures or filming, and it was the goal of the evening to be in a picture or on the tape. Throughout the night, staff members also allowed students to get up on the stage and show off their dance moves, another fun event that Barstool offered during the night. DJ Dante The Don knew exactly what kind of music was needed, because not one person stopped dancing.

Toad’s is usually tremendously hot, but thanks to Barstool, constant cold air blasts traveled throughout the room, which let out a huge scream of excitement from the crowd.

Crowd members leaving the Barstool Blackout Tour walked out smiling and laughing with friends. It was truly a successful night for many students, and definitely a great way to end a stressful school week. Even more so, it was the perfect party to start off Thanksgiving break.