Thanksgiving break tasks

Sarah Rosenberg

Thanksgiving break always comes at the perfect time, where students get to reflect on the semester’s past events and mentally prepare for three weeks of fighting for a cubby in the library with our over-caffeinated peers. Likewise, it’s fun to rub our full week of freedom in the faces of our friends who go to other colleges—this is our Columbus Day revenge, and we intend on fully using it to our advantage. Thanksgiving break is much more than going into shock from too much tryptophan in the turkey, and it involves rest, relaxation and making fun of Kristen Stewart.

Whether you are going to see “Breaking Dawn” or not, you are going to encounter Twi-moms and naïve, werewolf-obsessed adolescents in your travels to any theater, mall or shopping center. The end of an era is just beginning, and you’ll even find me paying an exorbitant amount of money to see Kristen Stewart perfect the one agonizing look she has. I’m not going to argue about the poor quality of the script and the acting in the film, but every Thanksgiving holiday requires the tradition of seeing a movie from a book’s series.

Seeing as it’s No Shave November, I’m expecting a lot of scruff from people at home. It’s already all over campus, but I’m excited to see some handle-bar ‘staches’ away from the Quinnipiac community. Since this is strictly a charity for men, I’m implementing a new event for women called “No Lose Weight November.” If men can let their straggly beards run free without question, I could use the excuse of eating as many carbohydrates and leftover turkey sandwiches as I please for a good cause. I’m just trying to level the playing field here—all of you guys can stare proudly at the mustaches you couldn’t grow in middle school. While my jeans might not fit for a week, at least I’ll have succeeded in taste-testing six varieties of pie in one sitting.

Lastly, I’m anticipating awkward run-ins with former high school classmates at every major bar strip in town on Thanksgiving Eve. Seeing as Thanksgiving is a holiday in and of itself, it will be interesting to revert back to old times with old friends while away from every one I’ve left in Connecticut for the time being. Thanksgiving Eve forces small talk and cringe-worthy reminiscing, but thankfully there’s alcohol to cushion the blow of such memories. Thus, for the first portion of the week, rest up. Black Friday shortly follows after an intense night of partying and a packed schedule of family time. If you don’t have the strength to gift shop at the end of the week, really, what do you have?