There’s carefree, then there’s unsanitary…

Lindsay Roberts

To whoever throws up on the Commons bridge every weekend, please clean my cute new pair of shoes.

“It’s a bridge,” freshman Kathryn Spremulli said. “How hard is it to at least lean over the bridge?”

I find it unfortunate that instead of the word “college” being synonymous with “higher education” it carries the stereotype of teenagers acting like uncoordinated infants.
But that’s the charm of being young, right?
Rebellious and spontaneous, you live in the moment and don’t worry about the repercussions of your behavior.

Try using that excuse on Ana Carvalho, a member of the Quinnipiac maintenance staff, who has to clean the bathrooms you trash when you are being “carefree.”

“Come Monday, I have to clean everything from the weekend,” Carvalho said. “It is a big mess.”

No one should have to clean up another person’s waste.

It embarrasses me the way the bathrooms are used and it is just downright unsanitary for those who have to clean them.

So do me a favor: If you are going to be sick, at least aim for the toilet. Being a complete slob has nothing to do with having a fun weekend.

What you do is your prerogative. Yet when your good time results in me stepping on a condom in my favorite shower, we have a problem.

For those of you who have no regard for the cleanliness of this school, you are not only making a fool of yourself, you are also disrespecting your fellow students and the maintenance staff.

You give this school a bad reputation. Quinnipiac is very conscious of its appearance and there is a great amount of money and effort that goes into keeping the school looking beautiful.

So what message does it send when a student who goes to a very pretty, very expensive school leaves their vomit in the bathroom all weekend for the cleaning service to take care of?

I get the impression that whoever does something like that is spoiled, has had everything handed to them, and does not even know how to clean up after themselves.
But I’m hoping that we are not all like that.

Just a few days ago I was walking to class and saw a student stop in front of a trash can. There was a piece of garbage lying in front of it, he took the time to stop, pick up the trash and throw it away. I was very impressed by his actions, and that in itself is sad.

We should all show pride in our school by the way we treat it. Maybe we should all try to pick up a piece of trash if we see it lying on the ground. I know that I clean up my own messes, but I know that not all Quinnipiac students can say the same. I hope a day comes when they can.