Wrapping up in winter fashion

Sarah Rosenberg

Quicker than the fall of the autumn leaves, winter’s chill and the threat of frosty nights is just around the corner.

Quinnipiac students have been preparing for the upcoming season, bundling up in comfortable jackets, furry boots and the “coolest” accessories, staying chic yet warm from Mountainview to the Quad. Shopping for the necessary winter attire may be even more exciting than the longer nights, the snow or the holiday season. The options for coats, boots, scarves and hats are abundant, with everyone’s most beloved stores reserving space for the clothes that are sure to make even the coldest walks to class a little bit warmer.

Many know the winter season is the prime time for shopping and updating your wardrobe. While you’re shopping for others, you just can’t help but to pick out a few gifts for yourself. At this time, the coveted winter clothes you’ve been longing for since the first day you broke out the Ugg boots are made available in stores such as Forever 21, American Eagle and Urban Outfitters. Winter is known for focusing on what you are to wear outside of the comfort of your homes, and these stores have provided the most fashion-forward and practical additions to your winter closet.
The heart of every stylish store’s fashion plate has been the contemporary jacket. Forever 21 places emphasis on a number of different swing coats, collared wool coats, plaid bomber jackets and faux fur-lined coats in bright colors. The chain store has played favorites to the classic pea coat, tailored with tweed, herringbone, plaid, and knitted materials. To appeal to shoppers with an edgier style, Forever 21 has designed their own take on the leather motorcycle jacket.

Urban Outfitters has taken the blazer to a new level, closing in on velvet and tweed textures, as well as the menswear suit blazer. Also focusing on warm winter vests, the style experts at Urban Outfitters have noted sweater vests of detailed patterns, cut out of flannel and corduroy. Stores such as these make it difficult for the most experienced shoppers to ignore the plethora of styles to choose from, offering the opportunity to mix and match your closet with any and every winter demand imaginable.
With every winter jacket, comes the inevitable winter accessory. Hats, scarves and the ever-important snow boot, among other must-have items, seem to collect around your room. Almost notorious for their outlandish yet must-have accessories, Urban Outfitters has always been a fan of the beret in pale, wintery colors, intricate stitches and protruding buttons, perfect for keeping your ears warm and your style flawless all at the same time. Forever 21 has dedicated itself to making comfortable tights with a twist, selling leggings in eye-popping leopard and metallic prints, buttoned ankles, bold stripes and playful shapes.

Lastly, American Eagle has adhered to a more conservative, simple shopper, advertising rugby-inspired hats and scarves, gloves of basic colors and stripes and earflap hats with faux fur for those who can’t resist to be outdoors despite the frosty weather. American Eagle has also provided its customers with appropriate winter shoes, with cable-knit clogs, suede and sweater slippers and their “Warm & Fuzzy” boot.
It’s no doubt that even during the winter months, college students want to stay fashionable, whether they are at school or back at home with their families. Luckily for us, stores such as Forever 21, Urban Outfitters and American Eagle are quick to equip their lines with the most desirable winter attire, perfect for staying warm from now until the early signs of spring. Stocking up on these necessities is key, so get to your favorite mall before the first signs of snow keep you from venturing outside the comfort of your dorm room.