‘I miss you so much, Jess’

The QU Chronicle

A letter to the late Jessica Bolognani from freshman Emily Casey.

Dear Jess,

As each day passes I miss you more and more, but also as each day passes I am reassured that it is one day closer to seeing you again. Although I had only known you for the first semester at school, I feel like I have known you forever. You were such a wonderful person and an unbelievable friend and there will be so many memories that I will always, and already do think about everyday. My favorite memory of you is one day while we were working together at a game. It was when all those ladybugs decided to come back and cover the entire place. I had covered one of the many ladybugs with a can that was bothering us. A few minutes later when I lifted that can it was gone and you had told me you set it free because you felt bad for it (surprisingly because of your love for hunting haha). At your wake, while I was waiting to say “see ya later,” of all the spots in that big place, I looked over at one window and there was a ladybug crawling across the glass. It reassured me that you would always be watching over us, almost like your way of telling me. I miss you so much Jess, 2nd floor Ledges will never be the same. I love you and I’ll be seeing you.

Love, Emily