Patience Is a Virtue at the Quinnipiac Post Office

Lauren Long

If you’re waiting for an important package, don’t hold your breath. The Quinnipiac post office has become one of the most crowded spots on campus this year. The post office is a common frustration of students on campus. No doubt the overly populated freshman class is putting the post office to the test with more care packages than usual being dumped into the mail room every day.

“One of my roommates was supposed to get a package by noon and when she tried to pick up the box, they wouldn’t give it to her even though they had it. She had to wait for the slip to be in her box, which didn’t come until 2 days later,” said freshman Kelsea Messina.

With no Saturday hours, all mail related things must be taken care of during the week, which means making sure you have time to spare, because a trip to the post office is not quick unless you plan it right.

“They need to hire more people or figure out different hours,” said sophomore Meghan Silva.

With the line stretching all the way past the café entrance it is a good idea to try to go to the post office during hours in which class is normally held. More people are in class which means less people will be at the post office. Avoid hours around lunch time because that is when most people stop by the post office. Most of the time though, there is no avoiding that line.

Everyone is fed up with the lines, but it’s a small price to pay for the satisfaction of getting a package. No matter how long you wait in line at the post office, the second you get those new shoes you ordered, or the treats mom sent from home, you completely forget you were annoyed in the first place.