Daddy’s here: Jimmy McMillan addresses Quinnipiac students [Video, Slideshow]

Marcus Harun

After calling them his children and saying he loves them all, presidential candidate and The Rent Is Too Damn High Party member Jimmy McMillan told Quinnipiac students in the School of Law Grand Courtroom Thursday night they should stand up for their rights.

“Y’all have to get involved—the people of Egypt heard me loud and clear,” McMillan said. “On Oct. 18 I delivered a message and the college students of this country have not moved. Why you not moving? Why you not fighting for your rights?”

McMillan pointed out that they had the right to serve their country in the armed forces at 18 years old, but not the right to drink alcohol.

He spoke to students about his political aspirations.

“I have made the announcement that I am running for president as a republican because I didn’t want to bump heads with Barack Obama coming into the Democratic primary,” McMillan said. “But I want all the young people to know that I’m here. Every child is my child—Daddy’s right here. Y’all go to school, give me support and let daddy do what daddy gotta’ do.”

The room was less than half filled, but a group of students did turn out for the event on the eve of the three-day weekend.

“The most interesting part was that he calls everyone his kids,” freshman Ian Jackson said. “It just goes to show that he is on the lookout for everyone and not just himself, like some politicians. It’s weird but it’s interesting in the same way. He’s one of us and he wants to look out for us as we are one of his kids.”

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Photos: Alessia Tranfaglia, Videos: Lenny Neslin