Album Review: Meg & Dia- “Something Real”

Vida Velez

The artist: Sisters Meg & Dia Frampton’s lyrics are inspired by books such as East of Eden, Rebecca, and Indiana. Vocalist of the band Dia is backed up by sister Meg on vocals and guitar as well as three other members. The sisters had released an album titled Our Home is Gone prior to the formation of The Meg & Dia Band. The band released this album in 2005 and is set to release another next fall.

Why it rocks: This album is for everyone because it’s a mix of everything. The indie/acoustic band Meg & Dia’s songs also display elements of rock and pop music. They truly show their vocal and lyrical talents in every song. After hearing “Monster” which is available in its original version and an acoustic one, you won’t be able to get the catchy lyrics and eerie beat out of your head.

Song Worth Downloading:

“Nineteen Stars” because the lyrics are deep and it’s a great song to listen to when you need time to think

Our rating: B+