It’s time to ‘BEAT YALE’

The QU Chronicle

Yale is the No. 3 men’s ice hockey team in the country, and for six weeks, they were No. 1.

But that’s OK. Quinnipiac has a knack for showing up in big games, particularly “the game,” and we don’t doubt it is because of the monstrous Bobcat fan base that shows up each year.

Passive, golf-clapping fans won’t do the trick for Friday night’s Yale-Quinnipiac game — that’s just a boring college hockey atmosphere. We need to be raucous. We need to chant. And we need to show support.

The gold T-shirts being sold by the Student Alumni Association will be there, as always. But to add another weapon to the fan arsenal, the Chronicle is once again offering up the back page of the newspaper to the dedicated fan.

The words are simple: “Beat Yale.” It’s a single-minded, community approach – one that funnels all of our support right into the motivation of the hockey team. We’re right behind you, Bobcats.

Newspapers will be available on the Mount Carmel and York Hill campuses before the game, and you can find some right up at the Bank just before the puck drops. Grab one (heck, grab two!), check out page 11 for some hearty chants, and let everybody else know that you have one thing on your mind: Beat Yale.