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    7 Ways to make your Super Bowl even more super

    7. A good breakfast

    One of the must crucial ways to start off Super Bowl Sunday is with a huge breakfast to help fight off that terrible Saturday night hangover. Loading up on tons of eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns and chocolate milk is extremely important if you want to put your best foot forward later in the day.

    6. Watch the commercials

    Commercials have let me down in recent years, but I’m feeling like this is the year they will live up to the hype. Commercials are huge for the neutral fan watching the game. Lately it’s been Doritos and E-Trade that have had the memorable commercials, and you know the beer commercials will be funny, but the real work has to be done by the little guys if this year is to be memorable. Michelin, and Snickers all need to step their game up, and I expect them to do just that this year.

    5. Food/Beer

    In order to live it up on Super Bowl Sunday you must have food and beer present. The best food option has to be the six-foot sub – and not the Subway kind that falls apart as you eat it. I’m talking about the Ray & Mike’s version. Wash back a foot of sandwich with some cold beers (only for those of age, of course), and you’ll be on top of the world during the pregame coverage before it comes time to really elevate your game.

    4. Gambling

    Just like commercials, gambling gives the neutral fan something to root for, only it’s twice as intense. Not just the game either, because like they say, “anything worth doing, is worth doing right.” I’m talking about betting on the coin toss, first turnover, and whether the first touchdown will be a run or a pass.

    3. Drinking games

    (Editor in chief Joe Pelletier has forced me to advise you all to drink safely and within your limits before presenting number three.) By far the most obvious (and necessary) way to make the Super Bowl experience better. Just keep it simple; for example, every time Brett Favre is on TV, get after it. I can’t think of a better way to honor the world’s greatest American. Besides, if you’re trying to use Super Bowl Sunday as a reason to party, you might as well make some type of game out of it.

    2. Flirting

    Along with New Year’s Eve, the Super Bowl has to be one of the most successful hook up days of the year. The play is simple, just find a person that you want to hook up with and cheer for the opposite team. Root for the opposite team, and then text all week about it, finally closing in after party-hopping all night.

    1. Party-Hopping

    Speaking of party-hopping, this is the number one way to make your Super Bowl experience at Quinnipiac better. Why waste your time at one party when there might be an even better one out there? Going from party to party after each quarter will give you the chance to find the best food, beer and drinking games possible. Then after switching places each quarter, make your last stop the party with the person you’ve been hitting on all day, and go in for the kill.

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