Quest is back and running- tune into Channel 30

Amber Caron - Staff Writer

Stop! Don’t you dare change that channel on your television! Quest is back and running. It is a new year of immense possibilities for channel 30, Quinnipiac’s own student run television station.
President of Quest, Rob Gilmore, has high expectations for the station this year.
“Last year we would air only two hours of student run programs,” he said. “[This year] I plan on airing at the least twice that amount, if not three times.”
Currently Quest’s line-up includes a news program, a sports show, a possible game show, a talk show, and student independent short film projects.
Deirdre Boylan, who is Company Executive Producer of the news, encourages students to become part of the program, because without students the station cannot function.
“If any students have a project they’ve been working on or an idea for a new show they may want to try and produce, you are more then welcome to bring it down to the Mass Comm. Center for the producers to look at,” Boylan said.
Not everything will be automatically put on the air though.
“Although this is a college- run station and it is closed circuit to Quinnipiac, we are still required to follow FCC regulations for programming,” Gilmore said.
In other words, nudity and vulgar language will not be allowed to air.
If, after a screening by producers, your show is approved for “on air,” it will be added to the student reel.
Time is running out for people interested in working with the technical aspect of the station.
“People interested must pass a required training course on the equipment in the main production facility before they will be allowed to work on crew for in-studio productions,” said Gilmore.
Gilmore is determined to improve the quality of Quest 30 station and bring it back to the station it once was.
“Myself along with the entire Executive Board are adamant about turning the station around by adding more professionally done programming and commercial underwriting,” he said.
Anyone is interested in joining Quest, can contact a member of Quest by leaving a note or a video of your work in the Quest mailbox in the Mass Comm Center, or email the station at [email protected]