LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Stop and think of life without Quinnipiac Security

The Chronicle

One must stop and think what life would be like without security here at QU. Just think of life without cops. There would be no social rule whatsoever. Imagine a world where people parked their cars on your lawn. That would be awful, since no one really wants that to happen. But, what does the police force do for you? Well, many good things, of course, including prohibiting people from trespassing on your property. It works the same way with security. If we did not have security personnel at QU, we could have toilet paper being throw out of dorm windows, eggs being throw at buildings, keg parties happening on the Quad – and the parking lot would be an absolute catastrophe. Virtually, many people would fail classes. We would not want this happening, right? I certainly don’t think so.

Just recently, I had a bit of a tiff with security as a result of my failing to realize their importance and authority. During midterms, I had been given a ticket for parking too long in a 20-minute parking space at York Hill. I had been studying with someone there. Iinfuriated, I shredded the ticket and threw it on the ground in multiple pieces. What had happened was I had fallen asleep for a couple of hours while studying at York Hill. I went ahead and submitted an appeal, hoping security would understand what happened, and requesting that they wave the ticket.

About a month and a half later, on Black Friday, I received an email from the assistant chief of parking saying that my appeal had been denied. Having forgotten about the appeal, and being flat broke from the holiday weekend and shopping, I quickly became infuriated. So much time had passed, and I pondered why they didn’t just forget about the whole thing. I mean, there are always open spaces in front of York Hill, especially late at night, when I had received the ticket. Moreover, I don’t even live in York Hill. I then sent an angered email to security regarding my appeal, thereby causing them to threaten to remove my parking privileges for the remainder of the semester. That would be a ridiculous punishment being that I live 5 miles off campus. I expressed a great deal of angst for this idea and also felt bad for offending security with my harsh email. So, therefore, we came up with the agreement that I would publicly apologize for my mistakes for treating the campus like security never existed.

I apologize for offending the security faculty. They work hard 365 days of the year, and certainly do not deserve to have their feelings hurt by students like me, who like to show how they are feeling. Next you bash security for their over-protecting of the campus, stop and think how rough your life would be if there were no rule at QU.